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Car insurance in Germany

Car insurance in Germany (Autoversicherung or Kfz-Versicherung) is one of the few types of insurance that is compulsory because it ensures that drivers and other road users are safe. Car insurance for expats are also compulsory.

Why is car insurance in Germany necessary?

Car insurance is necessary to cover the financial damages that may occur as a result of an accident, and thus fulfill the financial obligations of the parties involved in the accident. It is also important to have car insurance in order to avoid criminal penalties, because in Germany, drivers who do not comply with the law can face serious penalties. In conclusion, having car insurance ensures the protection of drivers and other road users and fulfills the legal requirements in Germany.

Insurance coverage example

Rental Car During Repairs
John's car has broken down and will be in the garage for weeks. In this case, John can use his car insurance to get a rental car while his own car is being repaired according to the tariff.
Car insurance when driving abroad
Loreta has decided to travel to Romania for vacation by car this year. While in Romania or on her way to Romania, she can continue to leverage the benefits of her car insurance.
Car theft in Germany
Emma parked her car as usual on the street near her home in Germany, but when she woke up in the morning, her car was gone. With car insurance, Emma can minimize her losses in the event of car theft.
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Sample coverages above represent car insurance for expats in Germany and varies depending on the insurance company and tariff type. The applicable coverage is specified in your insurance tariff.

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