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Supplementary health insurance in Germany

Supplementary health insurance in Germany (Zusatzkrankenversicherung) allows individuals with statutory health insurance (GKV) to take out additional insurance and, depending on your tariff, receive health care as individuals with private health insurance.

Why is supplementary health insurance necessary?

With supplementary health insurance, it is possible to be treated in a hospital or a private clinic like a patient with private health insurance, depending on your tariff. There are generally 3 types of supplementary health insurance in Germany:

1) Supplementary dental health insurance
2) Supplementary child health insurance
3) Supplementary hospital health insurance

By taking out supplementary dental health insurance, you make a significant contribution to dental health and dental protection. For example, you will receive free dental cleanings, as well as cover cost gaps for expensive prostheses such as implants or ceramic crowns.

Supplementary children health insurance includes the most important insurance benefits for children and adolescents: at the doctor, dentist, alternative practitioner or hospital. Depending on the tariff, even a daily hospital allowance and additional long-term care insurance are included. For example, especially for children, orthodontic treatment is also covered, depending on the tariff.

With supplementary hospital health insurance, you can choose to be treated by the chief physician instead of a doctor on call. Depending on the tariff, you are entitled to a single or twin room in the hospital and additional optional services.

Insurance coverage example

Dental treatment for children
Marc, who is 12 years old, requires extensive dental treatment. Since Marc is covered by statutory health insurance, he has access to only limited dental care. Nevertheless, with the supplementary children's health insurance, the extent of coverage varies by tariff, and Marc can benefit from comprehensive protection, including dental cleaning, dental treatment, and pain relief.
Dental cleaning in Germany
Amelia visits the dentist for her annual check-up and wishes to undergo dental cleaning and prophylaxis. Unfortunately, her statutory health insurance does not provide coverage for these services. However, depending on the specific tariff she has, Amelia can utilize her supplementary dental health insurance to have her teeth cleaned at no additional cost.
Appointment with the head doctor or senior doctor
Henry is looking to schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist and prefers to consult with a senior doctor due to the treatment process. His statutory health insurance would assign him the doctor currently available at the hospital. Conversely, by having supplementary hospital insurance, Henry will have the opportunity to consult with a senior ophthalmologist.
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Sample coverages above represent supplementary health insurance for expats in Germany and varies depending on the insurance company and tariff type. The applicable coverage is specified in your insurance tariff.

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