Private health insurance in Germany (PKV)

Private health insurance in Germany is a comprehensive type of health insurance. However, not every person in Germany can become a member of private health insurance. Only salaried employees whose gross income exceeds the compulsory insurance limit (2023: €66,000 per year) can be insured with private health insurance, besides freelancers, self-employed and government employees. People below this limit must apply for statutory health insurance in Germany.

Why is private health insurance in Germany necessary?

Private health insurance in Germany gives you the freedom to choose your doctor and have a say in your own life. With private health insurance, you can freely choose your doctor and customize your health protection according to your needs and wishes.

Insurance coverage example

Treatment in a private hospital abroad
Alice is currently on vacation in Indonesia and has been experiencing headaches for several days. Thanks to her private health insurance, Alice has the flexibility to visit any hospital in Indonesia, including private hospitals, for a medical examination.
Early appointments in private clinics
Nancy is seeking treatment for her back problems from a specialist doctor in Germany. She has the option to schedule an appointment in the near future with Frau Brit, who exclusively caters to patients with private health insurance.
More comprehensive dental insurance
George has the freedom to select his preferred dentist in Germany. His insurance covers the cost of professional cleanings and preventive dental treatment entirely, and he also has the benefit of dental implants.
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Sample coverages above represent private health insurance for expats in Germany and varies depending on the insurance company and tariff type. The applicable coverage is specified in your insurance tariff.

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