Accident insurance in Germany

Personal accident insurance In Germany (Unfallversicherung) is a type of insurance preferred by people who want to protect themselves against accidents and is not compulsory. However, for those who want to take precautions against accidents that may result in permanent disability or even death, personal accident insurance is undoubtedly the right choice.

Why is accident insurance in Germany necessary?

Personal accident insurance in Germany provides financial protection against accidents. According to your tariff, it covers the financial burden of accidental medical expenses and loss of earning capacity, so that you and your family are financially secure. In Germany, this insurance also offers a wide range of protection, covering accidents in sports or everyday life. This insurance ensures that you are prepared for the unexpected and provides financial peace of mind.

Insurance coverage example

Disability status
Unfortunately, John has acquired a 20% permanent disability due to an accident. Depending on the coverage plan, John receives a significant payout from his personal accident insurance to offset his medical expenses and associated costs.
Recovery period
After the accident, Emily spent an extended period in the hospital. Fortunately, she is now at a point where she can begin physiotherapy treatment. Depending on her insurance plan, a portion of the necessary treatment expenses for her recovery will be covered by her personal accident insurance.
Sport accidents
While skiing, James took a fall and broke his leg. Depending on his policy, James will benefit from his personal accident insurance. He will be able to consult with an expert in sports injuries in Germany and then commence the treatment process.
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Sample coverages above represent accident insurance for expats in Germany and varies depending on the insurance company and tariff type. The applicable coverage is specified in your insurance tariff.

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