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Insurance in Germany, fast and in English

We guarantee two things about your insurance in Germany: You will receive your insurance offer faster and you will communicate in English.

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Home and Car Insurances

Reliable car insurance and home contents insurance (household insurance) in Germany, as well as rent deposit insurance

Health Insurances

From compulsory statutory or private health insurance in Germany to the most needed complementary health insurance

Self & family Protection

Insurance to protect you and your family legally or to cover your needs in the event of disability or retirement in Germany

In Germany, where you are not familiar with the culture and language, we communicate with you in English to understand your insurance needs.

“I got my student health insurance with Vasistdas. All I had to do was fill in the form and my insurance company informed my university in Germany that I had health insurance. Thank you…”

R. Özgün

Satisfied Customers

These are genuine user reviews on our Turkish service, you can contact us for sources. Images do not belong to the comment owners.

“When I came to Germany with zero German, I first found a company on the internet to get the compulsory health insurance, I struggled to explain myself. Finally, I got the private health insurance with Vasistdas by explaining my problems [in Turkish], thanks again!”

A. Yalın

“Our insurance provider, whom we met through Vasistdas, was very helpful in solving my health insurance crisis and found alternative solutions. As a graduate student candidate for LLM at Goethe University, I would like to thank him from the bottom of my heart…”

İ. Karahan

Who are

We founded our startup, Vasistdas, in Germany with the aim of expediting the integration process for recent Turkish migrants to Germany. Subsequently, we expanded our services to cater to the needs of expatriates and immigrants by endorsing selected service providers within Germany.

Our success in effectively connecting those in need with insurance providers in Germany prompted us to consider expanding our services to expats and immigrants from Germany to destinations like India, Ukraine, the USA, Syria, and more.

Through our website and social media platforms, Vasistdas offers current insights and tips regarding social life in Germany. We also administer online communities, such as Facebook Groups in major German cities, to facilitate connections and foster a sense of community among individuals. As of now, these platforms are exclusively available in Turkish.

With love from Germany,

Vasistdas team

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© 2023 Vasistdas. All rights reserved.

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