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Household insurance in Germany

Household insurance in Germany is an optional type of insurance that aims to protect your home and belongings against damage caused by fire, flood, theft and storms. It is also called home and contents insurance in Germany or Hausratversicherung in German.

Why do you need home and contents insurance in Germany?

Home and contents insurance is one of the most popular insurances in Germany. According to the 2018 GDV survey by the Statistisches Bundesamt, 76% of households in Germany have household contents insurance (Hausratversicherung). Household insurance for expats are also quite popular in Germany.

Insurance coverage example

Burglary in Germany
In Germany, a burglary occurs every 3 minutes. Unfortunately, Dilara also realizes that her home has been robbed, with her laptop and some jewelry stolen. Dilara will be able to claim the damages covered by her home and contents insurance policy.
Sokakta bisikletin çalınması
Just a week after purchase, John's bicycle was stolen on the streets of Germany. Fortunately, John had added his bicycle to his home and contents insurance policy, allowing him to claim the stolen bicycle's value from his insurance.
Locksmith in Germany
Emily accidentally left her keys inside the house and locked the door behind her, which can be quite costly to call a locksmith for in Germany. Thankfully, Emily was able to call a locksmith for free within the coverage of her comprehensive home and contents insurance policy, allowing her to regain access to her home.
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Sample coverages above represent household insurance for expats in Germany and varies depending on the insurance company and tariff type. The applicable coverage is specified in your insurance tariff.

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